francisco treacy francisco.treacy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 04:36:18 EDT 2011

Hi Kevin

> Francisco - How's performance on riak-ql?
> The problem I see with riak-ql and Antonio's thing is that they're
> invariably going to be slow.
> Javascript Map/Reduce over an entire bucket is just not suitable for inline
> requests.

No-one said you had to run it on an entire bucket. I just showed an example.

The point here is not ODM, performance and whatnot but convenience.
It's simply about replacing Javascript in Map/Reduce (wherever you
happen to need it) with a more compact, text-based querying mechanism.

You could even feed it search keys -- with riak-js it'd look like:
db.addSearch('catalogs', 'type:private').map('query', 'where
.that').run().  Not a compelling example, but you get the gist.

As I said before, I use it for ad-hoc queries in the REPL (and as you
say, for reporting).


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