Updated Rekon and tips and tricks for Riak map/reduce jobs

Brian Rowe rowe at muxspace.com
Wed Jul 27 18:55:37 EDT 2011


For anyone interested, I have pushed some updates to my Rekon branch.
In short, large jobs are now guaranteed to execute in the proper order
and I have included additional common phases that can be used in
custom jobs. Next on my list is to save these jobs so it is possible
to retrieve a multi-step m/r job as a single item.


Also, I have posted some tips and tricks for writing map/reduce jobs
in Riak. The post discusses how to execute non-trivial chains of map
and reduce phases, such as reduce -> map -> reduce, or map -> map ->
map -> reduce, etc. I'm hoping I've got my facts right, but if I don't
do let me know.


Brian Rowe

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