Riak compile error: Module gen_server2 potentially included by two different applications: rabbit_common and riak_core

Andrew Gopienko gopienko at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 01:35:43 EDT 2011

> Brian Rowe <rowe at muxspace.com> wrote:
> > IIRC the best of the kludges was to add an exclude directive in the
> > reltool.config.
> Can anyone elaborate on this? I'm looking at the reltool docs but I'm
> driving blind here (Erlang newbie).
> In reltool.config

        {app, rabbit_common, [{incl_cond, exclude}]}

This check (for duplicate modules) from this bug-report

And I think gen_server2 module name should be riak_gen_server2. In this case
we have not such probliems.

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