Delete bucket?

Jonathan Langevin jlangevin at
Thu Jul 28 16:40:25 EDT 2011

I've read on the wiki that to delete a bucket, the only method is to
manually delete all keys within the bucket.
So then what is the recommended process for deleting all keys within a
bucket, manually?

I was initially just listing all keys within a bucket, and then iterating
the keys to send delete requests, but I hit a wall when I had too many keys
to get back in a list request (received header too large errors).

So I assume the alternative would be to run a mapreduce to pull keys from
the bucket with a specified limit, to then execute the deletes?
While that's fine for an "active record" style environment (where there may
be cleanup actions that must occur per object being deleted), is there
another method for deleting all keys within a bucket, massively? (Maybe via
a map call?)

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