Riak Recap for July 27 - 28

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Jul 29 19:39:14 EDT 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Short Recap for today.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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Riak Recap for July 27 - 28

1) Last reminder to register for the "Riak and Python" webinar
happening on August 2nd. (If you don't register, you run the risk of
hurting Mathias' feelings).

* Details here --->

2) Kresten Krab Thorup's talk from Erlang Factory London about his
Riak Mobile project is now available in video form.

* Watch here --->

3) Looks like Riak will be one of the topics at the next Ruby Meetup
happening in Colima, Mexico.

* Details here ---> http://www.meetup.com/rubyco/events/24982511/

4) Q --- Is it possible to add data to a key in riak? (from doki_pen via #riak)

    A --- No. You'll always have to fetch, update, and store the object.

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