Riak Recap as a Blog (?)

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Jun 6 02:51:51 EDT 2011

Hey All -

Quick question: how would you feel if we turned the Riak Recap into a blog?

I've spoken with various people in various channels about how to best
deliver the Recap, and while it's clear that it's a valuable tool for
the community, I'm not sure the Mailing List is still the best vehicle
through which to publish it.

Publishing it as a blog (perhaps at "recap.basho.com") makes a lot of
sense as it would enable people to consume it without having to sift
through the rest of the mailing list traffic (and I know there are
more than a few of you who are on this ML only for the Recaps). More
importantly, I think it would bring more new readers to the Recap (and
more users to Riak).

So, in the interest of convenience and expanding the size of the Riak
community, I think making it a blog might make sense. It would still
be written, published, and tweeted thrice weekly, just delivered to
you in your Reader, for example, instead of on the ML.

As you all are the primary consumers of the Recap, I thought I would
gather some opinions before I did anything drastic. Anyone have
thoughts on this?

+/-1s, rants, and all other expressions of opinion are encouraged.



Community Manager
Basho Technologies

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