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Mostly answered here:

If you use multi_backend with several bitcask setups you can have both expiring data and normal persistent data. Here's an example of what you might put in app.config (inside the riak_kv section):

{storage_backend, riak_kv_multi_backend},
{multi_backend_default, <<"bitcask">>},
{multi_backend, [
	{<<"bitcask">>, riak_kv_bitcask_backend, []},
        {<<"sessions>>, riak_kv_bitcask_backend, [{expiry_secs, 7200}, {data_root, "data/sessions"}]}

The key pieces there is expiry_secs = 7200 (2 hours), and the separate root for the data files.

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On Mar 2, 2011, at 8:21 AM, Abhishek Kona wrote:

> Hi
> Is it possible to have a expiry (ttl) on RIAK keys per bucket (or per key).
> Or is there any other way that I am missing.
> This would be greatly useful for maintaining Session data in RIAK, as expired session data can be auto cleared.
> -Abhishek Kona
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