API for Riak node information

Scott Lystig Fritchie slfritchie at snookles.com
Wed Mar 2 12:40:43 EST 2011

Joshua Partogi <joshua.java at gmail.com> wrote:

jp> I tried to look for Riak API for getting clusters information on the
jp> wiki with no luck. Is there any API in Riak for getting the number
jp> of node involved and alive/dead in the cluster?

Joshua, the exported functions in riak_core_ring.erl are probably what
you're looking for:

             transfer_node/3, rename_node/3, reconcile/2, my_indices/1,
             index_owner/2,diff_nodes/2,random_node/1, random_other_node/1,
             get_meta/2, update_meta/3, equal_rings/2]).


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