Riak Recap for March 4 - 6

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Mon Mar 7 19:54:15 EST 2011

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Huge Recap for today: new code and repos, new Riak jobs, a new
podcast, and more.



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Riak Recap for March 4 - 6

1) Glen Hinkle has released a few pieces of Riak-related code over the
last month. (Apologies for not bring them to your attention until

* riak-tiny is a "Perl interface to Riak without Moose." Repo here
---> https://github.com/tempire/riak-tiny

* He's also hacking on something called "app-karyn" which is a simple
command line utility for working with Riak objects. Repo here --->

2) Nick Campbell released something he is calling "blinds" which is a
web-based client for Riak that uses node.js.

* Check it out here ---> https://github.com/ncb000gt/blinds

(Caveat emptor: according to Nick it's not ready for heavy production
use just yet. That said, he's planning to spend a bit of time on it
when he can and is encouraging pull requests from anyone interested.)

3) Daniel Lindsley sent me an example of how he hooked up Riak as a
full API endpoint in Django. This should definitely be of use to some
of you.

* Check it out here --->

* The Tastypie repo on GitHub is here --->

4) There is some new code in the Java client courtesy of Erik Søe
Sørensen and Russell Brown.

* All the latest here --->

5) All sorts of good stuff happening with Riak jobs.

* Three new job posts popped up over the weekend. Check them out here
---> http://twitter.com/pharkmillups/statuses/44814895727906816

* Also, Gary William Flake just made it known on Twitter that he is
looking to hire a part time dev in the Seattle area. Details here --->

6) The latest episode of "Minute with Riak "was just released. In this
installment Rusty lays out the differences between MapReduce in Riak
and in Hadoop. He also hints at some MapReduce-related code/tools we
are considering for the future.

* Listen here ---> http://riak.minutewith.com/pages/20110307

7) A question about data locality in Riak appeared on StackOverflow
over the weekend.

Read here ---> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5203536/how-to-make-riak-data-localized

8) Another reminder for the KillDashNine event happening on 3/9 in San

* Read up and register here ---> http://killdashninesf-march.eventbrite.com/

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