annoying javascript problem in Reduce phases

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On Mar 10, 2011, at 8:26 AM, Antonio Rohman Fernandez wrote:

> Dear Sean,
> thank you for your quick reply.
> "Your reduce function can (almost) never assume that it is operating on the entire result set." -> wow! that totally kills my implementation... i wanted to use the Reduce phase to cut the array as a Limit + Pagination ( like LIMIT 10 PAGE 2 in SQL )... but if i don't have the full result set is impossible and useless. I will have to get all the rows and then process it outside Riak for that.

Note I said "(almost)". In the case where the reduce phase is preceded by another reduce phase, you can generally assume that it will only be executed once. So, pagination is hard to do but not impossible - do a sorting phase before your limit/slice.

> "you must structure your reduce function such that it can receive as inputs anything that it outputs" -> what do you mean with that? can i merge Reduce phases? any example?

What that means is any data you return might again become inputs to the same function as I described. The properties we say are needed for reduce functions are "commutative, associative, and idempotent". Commutative - it can be applied in any order and produce the same result. Associative - any grouping of the same inputs will produce the same result. Idempotent - given the same inputs, you will get the same result every time (i.e. it has no side-effects).

> i'm building a php MVC framework in top of Riak, and i would like to clone from my SQL implementation as much functionality as i can, so people can easily use Riak as if they were using MySQL/PostgreSQL/etc without noticing.
> thanks.

I can understand the desire to provide similar functionality, but Riak is NOT an SQL-like system. Having tried some similar things in Ruby, I believe it's ok to provide your users a nice interface, but don't delude them about having the same querying capabilities -- it's just NOT the same. It's better to craft the features in a way that exposes tradeoffs to them rather than hiding them.

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