Calling all Pythonistas...

Mark Phillips mark at
Thu Mar 10 14:45:28 EST 2011

The official Riak Python client is mature, but it still needs some
work before it's complete.

So, I was hoping those of you who are using the client or have
experimented with it could lend a hand filing bugs or feature

If you've got a few minutes to help out, here's what we are looking for:

1 - Bugs
2 - Missing features or functionality based on the latest Riak release
3 - Ways in which the Python client could be more "pythonic"

And, if you've got some patches you've written that haven't been sent
our way, don't be scared to share those. :)

I've just turned on the Issues functionality for the repo:

Go forth and file if you have some time to spare. And fire back any
questions/issues/ideas you might have.

Thanks for your help!


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