Inconsistent map/reduce results

Keith Dreibelbis kdreibel at
Thu Mar 10 20:47:49 EST 2011

Thanks for the prompt response, Grant.  I made the configuration change you
suggested, and it fixed my problem.

Some followup questions:

- is it possible to configure this dynamically on a per-bucket basis, or
just per-server like it is now?
- is this fixed in a newer version?

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 2:56 PM, Grant Schofield <grant at> wrote:

> There are currently some bugs in the mapreduce caching system. The best
> thing to do would be to disable the feature, on 0.13 you can do this by
> editing or adding the vnode_cache_entries to the riak_kv section of your
> app.config. The entry would look like:
> {vnode_cache_entries, 0},
> Grant Schofield
> Developer Advocate
> Basho Technologies
> On Mar 10, 2011, at 4:16 PM, Keith Dreibelbis wrote:
> Hi riak-users,
> I'm trying to do a map/reduce query from java on a 0.13 server, and get
> inconsistent results.  What I'm doing should be pretty simple.  I'm hoping
> someone will notice an obvious error in here, or have some insight:
> This is an automated test.  I'm doing a simple query where I'm trying to
> get the keys for records with a certain field value.  In SQL it would look
> like "SELECT id FROM table WHERE age = '32'".  In java I'm invoking it like
> this:
>   MapReduceResponse r = riak.mapReduceOverBucket(getBucket())
>         .map(JavascriptFunction.anon(func), true)
>              .submit();
> where riak is a RiakClient, getBucket() returns the name of the bucket, and
> func is a string that looks like:
> function(value, keyData, arg) {
>        var data = Riak.mapValuesJson(value)[0];
>        if(data.age == "32")
>          return [value.key];
>       else
>          return [];
>    }
> No reduce phase.  All entries in the example bucket are json and have an
> age field.  This initially works correctly, it gets back the matching
> records as expected.  It also works in curl.  It's an automated test, so
> each time I run this, it is using a different bucket.  After about a dozen
> queries, this starts to fail.  It returns an empty result, when it should
> have found records.  It fails in curl at the same time.
> I initially suspected this might have something to do with doing map reduce
> too soon after writing, and the write not being available on all nodes.
>  However, I changed the bucket schema entries for w,r,rw,dw from "quorum" to
> "all", and this still happens (is there another bucket setting I missed?).
> In addition, I only have 3 nodes (I'm using the dev123 example), and am
> running curl long enough afterwards.
> Here's the strange part that makes me suspicious.  If I make insignificant
> changes to the query, for example change the double quotes to single quotes,
> add whitespace or extra parentheses, etc, then it suddenly works again.  It
> will work on an existing bucket, and on subsequent tests, but again only
> about a dozen times before it starts failing again. Same behavior in curl.
>  This makes me suspect that the server is doing some incorrect caching
> around this js function, based on the function string.
> Any explanation about what's going on?
> Keith
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