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If you want to go with Solr, you have a few options:

1) Use application code to post an <add> document to Solr when saving your data into Riak.
2) Implement a Riak post-commit hook in Erlang to do the same, or to queue the additions to another process that can submit them to Solr.

I think you'll find that while on-disk indexes sound bad, that's actually how Solr does them too, and not every index query will hit disk on either system.  The primary difference is that Riak Search is tightly integrated with Riak KV and so you get a lot for free when you choose Riak Search, including auto-indexing and MapReduce queries that start with a search.

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On Mar 15, 2011, at 2:08 AM, Saurabh Sehgal wrote:

> Hi, 
> Since riak search is marked as "Beta Software" on the wiki, I am skeptical to use it in production. 
> Does riak offer any APIs or integration points that would allow me to index data into Solr ?
> Specifically, I am storing key/value pairs in riak, where the value is a binary erlang term containing a tuple of text I would like to index. 
> Also, going through the riak search documentation, the erlang API seems to only have the capability of indexing documents 
> on disk as files (please correct me if this isn't true). Is there functionality to automatically retrieve and index documents already stored in riak ?
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