RiakSearch 14.0 All Gets/Puts Timing out on a single node system.

J T jt4websites at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 15 20:13:39 EDT 2011


I was running an older version of riak (v12) for a while and recently
upgraded to riak_search (v14).

I can connect to the node, I can ping it. But any put or get results in a

There is a difference in deployment, previously I was running it on the same
host as the client and accessing directly using the erlang client api (not
Now, I moved the node on a separate machine and can connect to it both from
the original host and also locally on the same host.

Following the instructions in README.txt to test, results in a pong from the
ping but timeouts (after a long delay).

I'm a bit stumped.  Any tips ?

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