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Wed Mar 16 13:27:06 EDT 2011

Hi Jan,

Riak Search is designed for full text search and works very well for that
use case. The too_many_results limitation can difficult to handle if your
query results have more than the configured max_search_results. I've filed a
bug to investigate improving this behavior:

The too_many_results limitation is only imposed on queries issued through
the Solr interface. You can avoid this limitation by writing a MapReduce
query that uses a search query as its input. You can read more about using
search queries as MapReduce inputs here:


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2011/3/4 Jan Schütze <JanS at>

> Hello,
> today I noticed that riak-search has a limit on 100.000 results for a
> query (this can be tuned/changed by using the configuration). I am
> only interested in 30 results, but understand that riak would have to
> crawl through all results to be sure that it has the 30 best ones.
> Since I want to use riak as key-value store on the one hand, but also
> want to use it to query the entire database: is riaksearch the right
> choice?
> Regards,
>  Jan
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