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Greg Nelson grourk at
Mon Mar 21 19:29:34 EDT 2011


We are currently evaluating Riak for an application that will store large amounts of data in a write-heavy pattern. We'd like to pack many disks into each machine. Currently, it appears that Bitcask uses exactly one directory to store data. What is the best way to have it use multiple disks? Is this something Innostore would handle better?

We'd like to avoid RAID since we'll be paying for redundancy at a higher level with Riak (N=3, etc.).

We'd also like to avoid a JBOD type setup where a single disk failure brings the whole node down, as we'll obviously be increasing those odds with each disk.

What I'm wondering is, can each node distribute its vnodes across many disks? And if one of those disks fails, will Riak handle that appropriately (i.e., the other vnodes continue to operate normally and hand-off data when the new disk comes online)?


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