Load Test

karthik kumar kumarkarthikn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 05:47:57 EDT 2011

   I am running load tests with 7 Riak servers with Various Backend Storages.

   Whenever I start riak load test I get this Information
INFO: Est. data size: 30.52 GB

Actually in the folder data, its around 1.2 GB including all the nodes
in the cluster ?
 - Even if i change the time for which the test should run it doesnt change.
 - The estimated data changes only when varying  Value size, Number of
Keys (as far I know).
Can someone advice what is this value Estimated Data Size ??

How to see the actual number of request and responses that happened in
the specified time.

How do i see how much data is  created on the server? when  not using  bitcask ?

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