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Really cool to see general thoughts on java driver. Non related: +1 Jetty driver 
- pretty granular api behavior plus intuitive interface. Also Stringtree offers 
a flawless mapping of hashmap - json and seems pretty flexible.

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On 24 Mar 2011, at 14:15, Sean Cribbs wrote:

>>> Likewise, I'd like to suggest RiakDoc
>> I can see why but I think that might be too specific, not every entry in riak 
>>is a document (but every document in riak is an entry.)
> I understand the desire to have a better name for what you're storing in Riak 
>(I went down that road myself in the Ruby client for a while), but for 
>consistency's sake it makes most sense to use "object" over "entry" or "doc". 
>Using something else just invites confusion when someone reads the wiki and 
>other documentation and then tries to apply what they learned to a specific 
>language driver.

Oh yeah. I had not even considered that. A strong enough reason to settle it 
(for me at least.)

> That said, there's no reason you can't build abstractions over the top of the 
>object that are documents, entries, blobs, etc.
> "RObject" is the class name the Ruby client uses, for what it's worth.
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