riak_core rebar templates

Jesse Newland jesse at websterclay.com
Fri Mar 25 19:44:06 EDT 2011

Many hax were had at Erlang Factory. I finally got around to banging out an idea I've had half-implemented forever - rebar templates for generating a skeleton riak_core app:


Drop the contents of that repo into ~/.rebar/templates, and you can generate a riak_core-backed OTP app like so:

    rebar create template=riak_core appid=myapp

Full instructions are in the README, including how to integrate the generated app into a proper node for release:


the portion of the email in which i think aloud about possible next steps:

I'd love to get some good docs on the riak_core_vnode callbacks functions here:


...but I'm totally not the guy to write them. Any takers? ;)

I'd also like to automate the creation of a node containing this application, including proper reltool config, as that's the remaining manual work necessary to getting the sample app up and running. Possibly by extending rebar's included simplenode template? Maybe?

Anyway, if anyone has any questions, comments, or by some chance finds this useful, let me know!

Regards -

Jesse Newland
jesse at websterclay.com

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