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Ryan Zezeski rzezeski at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 16:30:21 EDT 2011

At my current job I've had the luxury of 4 dell poweredge servers (CentOS,
128GB, 1-2TB disk, 16-core).

However, I've been seriously considering either buying some old 1Us and
building my own rack in the basement OR 3 used mac mini's from eBay (I'm
single so I can do stuff like this).  The nice thing about mini's is they
travel...plus they're so darn cute.  The nice thing about an actual rack is
it is (probably?) closer to real production deployments.

I'm also tempted to use older hardware just b/c if you can make it more
efficient there then the shinier stuff _should_ automatically get a boost.
 Although I supposed stuff like NUMA vs. SMP could bite you?  I'm curious to
hear what others think.

Mark, are you allowed to share any statistics related to the setups of
actual production users?


On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 3:27 PM, Mark Phillips <mark at basho.com> wrote:

> I was going to make this part of today's Recap, but upon further
> thinking I concluded that it might deserve its own thread...
> @wmacgyver, @russelldb, and some others exchanged a few messages on
> Twitter yesterday about what dev setup they are using for their
> respective Riak work.
> wmacgyver's response was: "3 macmini server 2.66ghz with 8gb, raid 1
> 500gb=your own ec2 7.5gb node with 500gb ebs. Every dev has a set."
> [1]
> Anyone else care to share their setup? Or have any questions about
> what your dev setup should look like?
> Mark
> 1 - http://twitter.com/wmacgyver/statuses/52117875980386304
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