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Wed Mar 30 12:29:31 EDT 2011

I am not sure if this has already been discussed, but I am looking at the feasibility of running RIAK in a EC2 cloud, as we have a requirement that may require us to scale up and down quite considerably on a month by month basis. After some initial testing and investigation we have come to the conclusion that there are 2 solutions although both have their downsides in my opinion:

	1. Run multiple cluster compute( cc1.4xlarge ) instances ( 23 GB RAM, 10 Gigabit ethernet, 2 x 845 GB disks running RAID 0 )
	2. Same as above but using EBS as the storage instead of the local disks.

The problems I see are as follows with solution 1: 
	- A instance failure results in complete loss of data on that machine, as the disks are ephemeral storage ( e.g. they only exist whilst the machine is up ).

The problems I see are as follows with solution 2:

	- EBS is slower than the local disks and from what I have read is  susceptible to latency depending on factors out of your control.
	- There has been a bit of press lately about availability  problems with EBS, so we would have to use multiple availability zones although there are only 4 in total and it just seems as though I am over complicating things.

Has anyone used EC2 and RIAK in production and if so what are their experiences?

Otherwise has anyone used RackSpace or Joyent? as these are alternatives although the Joyent solution seems very expensive, and what are their experiences?

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