Riak Search - back up method

Asim Ihsan asim.ihsan at gmail.com
Mon May 2 08:20:20 EDT 2011


I'm interested in snapshot-backing-up all the data in a Riak Search cluster
of nodes.  AFAIK, Riak itself offers the "backup" command, e.g.:

riak-admin backup <node> <cookie> <filename> [[node|all]]
(reference: http://wiki.basho.com/Command-Line-Tools.html)

What is the equivalent command for the full-text indexes used by Riak
Search?  Does Riak Search store the full-text indexes within Riak KV itself,
and hence does the above command "just work"?

If the above command doesn't just work, what is the preferred way to backup
and restore the search indexes?  Moreover, when restoring would I need to do
something like:

> riak-admin restore // restore all of the KV data
> <some command to re-index the KV data>

In which case my subsequent question is: how does one re-index a KV bucket?

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