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Mon May 2 18:22:14 EDT 2011

I have a cluster of riak nodes running on bitcask which I wish to backup.
The backup will later run on a new cluster, with the same number of nodes,
but possibly with different node names (for example, IP changed and I use IP
in -name in vm.args). I have figured there are two methods for backup:
1] Use the "riak-admin backup" script - I believe this should be simple, and
I should not have to account for the node name change since riak-admin
restore just does lots of successive puts().
2] Manual:
* Let the nodes in the original cluster be named old1, old2, old3, ...,
* We manually copy the bitcask dir from each node.
* Let the nodes in the new cluster be named new1, new2, ..., newN.
* Copy the bitcask backups to the new cluster, DO NOT START THE NODES
* On new1, run "riak-admin reip old1 new1"
* Open riak console on new1, and type:
  > Ring =  riak_core_ring_manager:get_my_ring().
  > Ring1 = riak_core_ring:rename_node(Ring, 'old1', 'new1').
  > Ring2 = riak_core_ring:rename_node(Ring1, 'old2', 'new2').
  > RingN = riak_core_ring:rename_node(RingNMinusOne, 'oldN', 'newN').
  > riak_core_ring_manager:set_my_ring(RingN).
  > riak_core_ring_manager:write_ringfile().
 * Start other nodes via riak start.
 * For each non-new1 node, use riak-admin join to join the newly created

Are these two procedures correct? I am especially worried about the second
one which might wreak havoc with the database if what I wrote here is
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