Searching and sorting with mapreduce or solr?

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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for you reply.

What would you suggest on using, the solr interface or the map-reduce?

What would be best to use when you are processing lets say 1 million



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> Riak m/r is a scan operation. Solr is an indexed operation. By definition
> an indexed operation will be faster than a scan operation. Just something to
> keep in mind.
> You also mention "search by field" but Riak is opaque to values so I will
> just assume your values are json (not to say that you can't operate on non
> json data).
> Basically you are going to run a map function that has your filter in it.
> And then pass those results to a reduce function that implements a sort.
> Your actual implementation will take advantage of features made available
> by the client you use. I mainly use the nodejs javascript client, riakjs,
> which has very good support for building m/r queries.
> I have two articles on my blog which may help you out.
> Cheers,
> Alexander
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