EC2 and node names

Jeff Pollard jeff.pollard at
Mon May 2 20:58:51 EDT 2011

I was reviewing the Riak Operations
and it was mentioned that the preferred vm.args -name for EC2 environments
should be "riak at hostname" because you don't have to "rename data or do
anything weird" like you would if your nodes were named "riak at ip.address"
(approximately 40:05 in the video).

I was looking for some elaboration on this tip, namely:

   1. What is meant by "rename data or do anything weird"
   2. Is "hostname" in riak at hostname a public DNS host that you configure in
   your DNS to map to the EC2 public hostname (ec2-50-18-...)?
   3. Does anyone have any best practices around vm.args -name in EC2

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