Links vs Key Filters for Performance

Andrew Berman rexxe98 at
Thu May 5 18:35:14 EDT 2011

I was curious if anyone has any thoughts on what is more performant, links
or key filters in terms of secondary links.  For example:

I want to be able to look up a user by id and email:

*Link implementation:*

Two buckets: user and user_email, where id is the key of user and email is
the key of user_email.  User_email contains no data but simply has a link
pointing back to the proper user.

*Key Filter:*

One bucket: user, where id_email is the key of the bucket.  Lookups would
use a key filter tokenizing the id and then looking up the id or email based
on the proper token.

Obviously both work, but I'm curious what the implications are from a
performance standpoint.


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