Very, very slow data insert on two node cluster

Vlatko Basic vlatko.basic at
Sat May 7 08:17:35 EDT 2011

I rebuilt cluster again and still "node_puts_total": 0 on another node.

Found explanation for "node_puts": "Number of puts coordinated by this node in 
the last minute"

However, the actual "puts" were sent to another node, not to this one, so I 
assume this value does not represent puts between nodes, just direct puts to the 

I think the proper value to check would be "vnode_puts".

Box A = "vnode_puts": 2144
Box B = "vnode_puts": 2170

so it does seem it's OK


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Subject: Re: Very, very slow data insert on two node cluster
From: Eric Moritz <eric at>
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Date: 06.05.2011 20:22

> The fact that the other node is idle clues makes me think that the
> node you're talking to is not reaching the other node.  Both nodes
> should be participating in the storage of the data.
> On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 5:38 AM, Vlatko Basic<vlatko.basic at>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've build a cluster with two physical Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit 4GB machines
>> (laptop, 2 cores, 2.4GHz and desktop, 4 cores, 3.1GHz) and I am trying to
>> "load_data goog.csv" (around 1500 records) from a Fast Track tutorial. It
>> took over 15 minutes.
>> Riak installation (both from DEB package) is correct and working. Other
>> examples worked as shown.
>> 1. Inserts are very, very slow. Maybe 1 insert in 2 secs??? Memory used
>> around 50%. Network is wired.
>> 2. All inserts go to the local node that I'm working on, the other node is
>> idle.
>> I attached status for both nodes and bucket properties.
>> Is it a bug, or have I made a bug? :-)
>> Thank for any ideas...
>> vlatko
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