Javascript errors in reduce phases seen as {error, javascript_reduce_timeout}?

Jeremy Raymond jeraymond at
Tue May 10 09:30:22 EDT 2011

Okay thanks. I figure something like this was going on. Besides the timeout
return value is there any way to tell what happened or at what phase of some
chained map reduce operations things failed? Would I see errors in the logs
that indicated a crash of the Javascript engine or something along those

- Jeremy

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 9:27 AM, Sean Cribbs <sean at> wrote:

> For large numbers of objects, your JavaScript functions will become
> bottlenecks, largely because the data has to be converted to and from JSON
> for every application of the function. If your reduce function isn't
> actually coalescing a value (e.g. sort doesn't), then you will run into this
> problem.  See if you can reimplement the functions in Erlang or decrease the
> quantity of values being passed to and returned from the reduce functions.
>  Sean Cribbs <sean at>
> Developer Advocate
> Basho Technologies, Inc.
> On May 10, 2011, at 9:20 AM, Jeremy Raymond wrote:
> Hello,
> In a MapReduce job I have filtering through about 6500 items if I filter
> out enough items my m/r job completes successfully. If I loosen the
> filtering such that a large number of items would be included in the results
> the m/r fails with error {error,javascript_reduce_timeout}. This error
> occurs after about 10 seconds of processing. Would Javascript errors such as
> the Javascript process running out of memory and crashing result in this
> timeout error? I also noticed that after this error is returned, the riak
> node I made the request on chugs along at ~100% CPU for about another minute
> but the other two nodes quite down almost immediately after the error is
> returned. How might I go about debugging this?
> - Jeremy
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