Production Backup Strategies

Mike Katz mkmjkatz at
Fri May 13 20:27:50 EDT 2011

Hey All,

I'm sizing up some database options for a fairly ambitious app I'm building
out for a client of mine. I've read a good amount of the available docs and
have toyed around with Riak enough to know that it's one of my finalists
(one of two, to be precise).

Before I set off building this app, there was one thing I wanted to ask
about: backups. Specifically, what strategies/methods are people using to
backup the data in their Riak clusters? I've worked with this client enough
to know that they won't sign off on a relatively new database technology
without knowing that the backup story was rock-solid.

I'd really love to use Riak, and this is basically my last hurdle. Any
anecdotes/examples/pointers to blog posts that my Googling has yet to
uncover would be much appreciated.


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