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We've looked at upgrading to JaegerMonkey, but haven't yet gotten a build that works properly on Solaris (and SPARC), which some of our customers require.  I personally have not followed its development and so I don't know if there's a profile that works on SPARC yet.

Although upgrading to Jaeger would be a big help, I'm more concerned about the bottleneck of converting everything to JSON before it is sent into JS -- which also presents problems when you have binary data that is not coercible into UTF-8.  There is at least one bug where the JSON-encoding issue is discussed, but we recently marked it dormant because of the lack of simple solutions:

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On May 16, 2011, at 6:13 PM, Matt Ranney wrote:

> Are there plans to update the JavaScript VM used by Riak in upcoming releases?  Native JSON and tracing in recent Mozilla releases ought to provide a big performance boost for map/reduce that uses JavaScript functions.
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