JavaScript performance

Matt Ranney mjr at
Mon May 16 19:26:08 EDT 2011

Since everything gets passed into JS as JSON, using a VM with native JSON
parsing should be a big win.

Have you gotten any attention from the Mozilla people about the Solaris
issue?  They seem pretty eager to have their JS engine running in as many
places as they can.

It's more than a little disappointing that JavaScript is touted as a
friendly and convenient way to query and transform data in Riak, but for the
kind of data sizes that would have someone use Riak in the first place,
JavaScript is really slow.  So far I keep hearing, "Well, it'll be a lot
faster and easier to just do it in Erlang."  Obviously there will be some
cost for the convenience writing code in a language other than Erlang, but
the cost seems pretty high at the moment to me.

On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 3:32 PM, Sean Cribbs <sean at> wrote:

> Although upgrading to Jaeger would be a big help, I'm more concerned about
> the bottleneck of converting everything to JSON before it is sent into JS --
> which also presents problems when you have binary data that is not coercible
> into UTF-8.  There is at least one bug where the JSON-encoding issue is
> discussed, but we recently marked it dormant because of the lack of simple
> solutions:
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