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Mark Phillips mark at
Wed May 18 17:16:02 EDT 2011

Hey mox,

Thanks for the feedback. Exactly what we were looking for. I just
created a new issue [1] for it on the Riak Wiki repo to make sure we
get this stuff incorporated if it makes sense. As always, pull
requests are encouraged :)

Keep it coming.


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On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 4:29 PM, Mike Oxford <moxford at> wrote:
> This may be slightly nit-picky, but this tool marginal at best.
> Total number of keys
> Average Bucket Size (bytes)
> Average Key size
> Average Value Size (Bytes)
> Some of these are kind of ambiguous, and I'm not sure why this setup was
> chosen...
> 1)  Total number of keys?  Each bucket has N entries comprising N keys + 1
> for the bucket?  (So we need buckets*(N+1))
> 2)  Average bucket size (bytes)  Why in bytes?  Am I to precalculate the
> stuff to input into the calculator?  Do you mean ((keys*key_size) +
> (values*value_size))
> 3)  Average Key size (Of the bucket?  Of the kv pairs?  A bucket is just a
> keyed namespace, right?)  I'm guessing you meant "in bytes" like the rest?
> Why not:
> *  How many buckets will you have?
> *  How big is each bucket name?
> *  How many entries will you have in each bucket (average)?
> *  How big is each value in the entry? (average)
> Everything can then be computed directly from the above with no ambiguity of
> "which keys" or "what are they really looking for."
> The same for the Bitcask calculator.  When you have stuff such as "Average
> Bucket Size (bytes)" (defaulted to 15) but then "Average Value Size (byte)"
> defaulted to 2000 that leads me to:  o_0
> -mox
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