Link-Walking + Replication Factor

André Silva andre.beat at
Fri May 20 07:12:32 EDT 2011


I've been experimenting with Riak and I've run into unexpected behavior when using link-walk.
Basically link-walking stops working for a bucket that is set with replication factor of 1. The replication factor
was always set before using the bucket (filling it with data), both on a per-bucket basis and on a global basis 
(on app.config) and the result is the same. I'm running Riak 0.14.1 on Mac OS X and I'm using Ruby's client. 
It's not a client problem though since the same problem exists when I issue the link-walk directly through the 
http interface (using curl).
It's possible that this behavior is expected but I couldn't find anything on it, so spare me my ignorance ;-)

André Silva

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