Riak KV ETS Backend?

Jordan West jwest at makingfun.com
Thu May 26 14:15:24 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm posting to the list for the first time after talking with Mark
(ironically, at MongoSF the other day), about a use-case I'm considering
Riak for. Quickly, I should probably say I've only played with Riak on a
side project or two, and dabbled with Riak Core thanks to the new GitHub
blog. Part of the reason I'm writing the list is to determine if for my
use-case its worth investing significant time learning and prototyping some
possible implementations with Riak(-Core). Anyways, on to the question:

Is the ETS Backend in the riak_kv repo something maintained and endorsed for
use by the Basho team? I have a dataset which is well suited for a k/v store
and needs to be eventually consistent across a cluster of Erlang nodes. Riak
crossed my mind because of those reasons. Also, being able to embed it into
my application like Mnesia is a plus. However, I could care less in this
case about losing data. The data is ephemeral anyways as its a map of a
string assigned per connection to a couple erlang process ids, and hence I
want to store it in-memory (also want it in memory for performance reasons).
This data is very read-heavy, but must be available for writes or new
connections will begin to fail. I know this is not a typical use for Riak,
since one of its most touted benefits is not losing data but would it be too
far of a stretch to use Riak as an eventually consistent, in-memory
key-value store embedded into an Erlang application? If not, I figure this
is something I could build with Riak Core. Does anyone know if there already
is a OSS project I could contribute to instead of starting from scratch in
that case?

Thanks for your help,

Jordan West
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