riaksearch memory growth issues

Gordon Tillman gtillman at mezeo.com
Fri May 27 20:15:02 EDT 2011

Howdy Gang,

We are having a bit of an issue with our 3-node riaksearch cluster.  What is happing is this:

Cluster is up and running.  We start testing our application against it.  As the application runs the erlang process consumes more and more memory without ever releasing it.

In trying to investigate the issue we ran the riaksearch-admin cluster_info command.  It appears that the bulk of this memory is being consumed by a bunch of mailboxes. 

I have posted both the output of the cluster_info command and the app.config from one of the nodes here:


I would be very grateful if someone from Basho would take a look at the cluster_info and see if they can spot anything obvious.

Each machine in the cluster has an 8-core Xeon and 16GB RAM.  I believe all of the platform details, etc., are in the cluster_info dump.

Many thanks,


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