Store whole database in memory

Michael McClain michael.c.mcclain at
Sat May 28 12:56:33 EDT 2011

Thank you.

That's what I'm looking for.
I have stopped my 3 nodes (the ones from the Fast Track Tutorial) and set
the storage to *riak_kv_ets_backend*.
Then I started the 3 nodes again and tried some bulk insert operations with
the java client (the one optimized for the api buffer).

 I can't see any speed improvement.
 Should I delete the databases in the 3 nodes and start the whole thing from

 Do you know the improvement I could get in the number of writes?
 I'm trying to achieve a 100,000 writes per second, where the data being
inserted is just 12 bytes and I do a bulk insert of a thousand keys at a
time (12 bytes).

Thank you,
2011/5/28 Greg Nelson <grourk at>

>  Michael,
> You might want to check out riak_kv_ets_backend, riak_kv_gb_trees_backend,
> and riak_kv_cache_backend.
> <>-Greg
> On Friday, May 27, 2011 at 10:35 PM, Michael McClain wrote:
> Hi,
>  Is it possible to store the whole database in memory?
>  In a similar way as Redis does.
>  I'm really interested in the distributed map reduce done by riak ("bring
> processing to the data, instead of data to processors), but I need faster
> writes/reads that a memory-only database could provide.
>  In case you don't support memory-only storage (no disk touched / all keys
> and data fitting the memory in all nodes) yet, do you plan on implementing
> it?
> Thank you,
> Michael
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