ssh tunnel between nodes in a cluster?

Jeremy Bornstein jeremy at
Mon May 30 01:59:06 EDT 2011

 Yes, in this case I do!

On 5/29/11 10:25 PM, Matt Ranney wrote:
> Are you sure you want this?  Riak will spread your data across all
> nodes in the cluster with no consideration for the network topology.
> On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 6:40 PM, Jeremy Bornstein <jeremy at
> <mailto:jeremy at>> wrote:
>     We have machines in different data centers and no VPN between
>     them.  I'm
>     a little confused by the details of the required ports, and would love
>     to see a concrete example from someone who has a setup that uses
>     ssh to
>     tunnel between nodes in a riak cluster.
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