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Tue May 31 20:12:59 EDT 2011

Robert -

Until a source code change a few days ago, riak would by default cache the keys reported to be in a bucket, so after fetching them once they would not be updated after deletions, additions, etc.  The key is indeed gone, but the keys API did not report the change.

If you go to the message archive at, and search for "Riak cleint resources", you'll see the ruckus that I started a week and a half ago about this very subject. ;)

There is an option to force the reloading of keys but I forget what it is, and anyway it is now gone from the current code base since the strategy was changed.  Be warned that using the keys method is, anyway, as Sean Cribbs pointed out to me, in general an awful idea, and almost always should be avoided.  This is because it's a very expensive operation -- in order to accomplish it, all keys in the data store need to be accessed.

My guess is that testing for the exception you encountered is probably the best way to test for existence/absence of a key, but hopefully those more knowledgeable than I will enlighten us on that.

- Keith

On May 31, 2011, at 7:23 PM, Dingwell, Robert A. wrote:

> Hi,
> When deleting a key from a bucket I'm noticing that the object associated with the key is gone but the key itself is still sticking around.  I loop though all of the keys in a bucket and then call delete on each one, the object for the key is then gone so if I try to get the object for that key I get a 404 as expected.  But if I look at the bucket in the browser with the  keys=true parameter, all of the keys are still there.  Is this normal and if so how do I get rid of the keys?
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