"consistent" map/reduce

Kresten Krab Thorup krab at trifork.com
Mon Nov 21 14:46:44 EST 2011


For Riak Mobile, I occasionally need to use a M/R job to scan all key/values in a bucket and compute a content-hash for each object in a bucket.  This works fine, but ...

I'd like to be able to do a "consistent map/reduce" job i.e., with "R=2 semantics" for an "N=3 bucket".  Maybe other people have the same need, but I can't see if this is possible ... perhaps with the new riak_pipe infrastructure?

This is my idea:

The map function yields {Key, [{VectorClock,1,Hash}]} for each replica, but needs to run on *all* replicas of objects in a given Bucket.   Hash is the real value I'm interested in i.e., the content-hash for the object; but it could be some other "map" function output.

Then, the reduce phase needs to "merge" a list of {VectorClock,N,Hash} tuples, by considering the VectorClocks to determine if results are in "conflict", or if one is before/after the other.  N is reduced to the sum of all elements with equal Hash value.

For each output of the reduce phase I'll then have, for each key, a list of {VC,N,Hash}.  If one of those N values are >= quorum, then I have a consistent output value (Hash).


- How can I have a M/R job run on *all* vnodes?  Not just for objects that are owned by a primary?

- The M/R "input" is essentially  listkeys(Bucket)  ... can this be done using "async keylisting", so that the operation does not hold up the vnode while listing?

If someone can sketch a solution, I'd be happy to go hacking on it ...   


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