Integrating Riak

Andrew Berman rexxe98 at
Tue Nov 22 18:36:10 EST 2011


I'm a little confused on how I would go about integrating Riak into an
Erlang application.  Here's my use case.  I'm creating an HTTP proxy using
Misultin which intercepts any requests to my backend REST services and
provides all the session handling.  So, I would like to use Riak to store
the sessions for the front-end.  Since my proxy is written in Erlang, I
figured it makes more sense to have it run on the same node as Riak and use
the local Riak Erlang client to speed things up. So, questions:

1.  Would I just depend on riak_kv for my app?
2.  How do I go about configuring the riak application from within my
application?  I can't find any documentation on this.
3.  How do I get riak on a node to join the other nodes?
4.  Does it make more sense to just install a riak package and use the
erlang pb client?  Seems like it would be less efficient especially since
these will live on the same machine.

Thanks for any help!

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