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Tue Nov 1 00:33:27 EDT 2011

I use it now but am thinking of moving away from it. Be aware that when you
first create an object via put/post, Riak returns "date" and not "last

For that reason but more importantly consuming data hosted in Riak via non
related applications/languages/projects I'm looking to keep dates as actual
values within the json value. Also data export reasons. Better fidelity and
granularity. Like keeping a created and last mod stamp or an array of every
time the object was modified.

Also level db has built in data smushing so it's almost free.



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On Oct 31, 2011 11:47 PM, "Justin Karneges" <justin at affinix.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> In the HTTP interface I'm seeing the "Last-Modified" header when
> retrieving an
> object.  The value also appears in the python bindings under get_metadata()
> ['lastmod'].
> Sorry for the really dumb question but I can I rely on this field to
> always be
> present and in this format?  Can MapReduce operations read this value?
> I was about to put a timestamp field in my JSON blobs but then found this
> and I
> think I should use it.
> Thanks,
> Justin
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