Riak Recap for November 2 - 3

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Nov 4 18:26:39 EDT 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

For today's Recap: new docs, blogs, new code, and more.

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Riak Recap for November 2 - 3

1) Dave "Dizzy" Smith, Basho's Director of Engineering, was named
"Erlang User of the Year."

* There's a tweet here about it --->
http://twitter.com/#!/FrancescoC/status/132133925953875969 (and I
suspect there will be something more substantial to point to soon)

2) Some updates to the Riak Wiki:

* We added some info about VNode Vector Clocks (which are new in Riak
1.0) ---> http://wiki.basho.com/Vector-Clocks.html#VNode-Vector-Clocks
* Details on Riak's Storage Backend API --->

3) A short piece about Riak (complete with code) appeared on NetKernel.org:

* Read here --->

4) Jon Brisbin released "jstatebox" which is a JVM implmentation of
Mochi Media's "statebox" code.

* Here on GitHub ---> https://github.com/jbrisbin/jstatebox

5) Basho is holding a webinar on November 16th all about the admin
improvements in Riak 1.0.

* Details and registration here --->

6) For anyone in/around London: we are holding another NoSQL Road Show
Event on November 29th.

* Details here --->  http://nosqlroadshow.com/nosql-london-2011

7) If anyone is going to RubyConf Uruguay next week, Sean Cribbs will
be there talking about his "Webmachine-Ruby" project. I'm sure he
wouldn't mind talking about Riak, either.

* Details here ---> http://rubyconfuruguay.org/en/agenda#10

8) And last, but certainly not least, Basho raised another $5M in
funding and (formally) announced that the Danish Government chose Riak
as part of its health infrastructure.

* Press release on basho.com --->
* Some slides with more information about the use case --->

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