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Sean Cribbs sean at basho.com
Mon Nov 7 13:52:18 EST 2011

Each of those JSON objects returned is a response from a single virtual
node (vnode) that has completed the key-listing operation. Streaming the
results simply means that Riak doesn't buffer and concatenate the results
for you, in the hopes that your application might be able to do something
useful with the key lists as they arrive. Because replicas of keys are
spread around the cluster, you *will* receive multiple lists, some
potentially empty, when you request a key-list stream.  As always, the
warnings about the expense of key listing still apply.

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 12:12 PM, idmartin <idmcraft at gmail.com> wrote:

> x at x:~$ curl
> {"props":{"allow_mult":false,"basic_quorum":false,"big_vclock":50,"chash_keyfun":{"mod":"riak_core_util","fun":"chash_std_keyfun"},"dw":"quorum","last_write_wins":false,"linkfun":{"mod":"riak_kv_wm_link_walker","fun":"mapreduce_linkfun"},"n_val":3,"name":"string","notfound_ok":true,"old_vclock":86400,"postcommit":[],"pr":0,"precommit":[{"mod":"riak_search_kv_hook","fun":"precommit"}],"pw":0,"r":"quorum","rw":"quorum","search":true,"small_vclock":10,"w":"quorum","young_vclock":20}}{"keys":["Joe
> Rogan"]}{"keys":["adww","SiteName","wadaw"]}{"keys":["wdawd","sippon
> purple"]}{"keys":["Bert Kreishner"]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":["david
> hasselhoff"]}{"keys":["awdwad","joe
> rogan"]}{"keys":["undefined"]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":["daft
> punk"]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":["hello
> jello"]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":["mike
> tyson"]}{"keys":["Redban","wda"]}{"keys":[]}{"keys":["hello"]}{"keys":[]}
> Is it a problem that i have several "key" lists?
> I havent had any functional problems but im trying to understand why the
> http client has so many keys.
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