2i for single-result lookup

Greg Pascale greg at clipboard.com
Tue Nov 8 13:48:12 EST 2011

Thanks for all the suggestions. 

Let's not worry about the problem of ensuring uniqueness right now - I have that part solved separately.

Rohman, this approach is what I described as a "manual index". It adds a good deal of code that I'm hoping to avoid by using 2i or search. This whole thing is a balancing act between performance, code complexity and to some extent disk space. I'm trying to evaluate which approach gives me the best of all 3.

Manual Index:
  - Adds lots of code complexity
  - Requires only 2 gets look up a user - one to the index to retrieve the primary key, then the lookup of the primary key
  - Not much extra space used.

  - Barely any extra code
  - Have to index user objects, so about 2x as much space is required
  - Since search uses term-based partitioning, querying should be pretty fast in theory. Write performance will take a hit due to indexing.

  - Barely any extra code
  - Unsure of amount of extra space required - think it won't be too much
  - Because of document-based partitioning, there is overhead in talking to a coverage set when only one machine will have the result I'm looking for. The significance of this overhead is what I'm really trying to evaluate.


On Monday, November 7, 2011 at 8:38 PM, Antonio Rohman Fernandez wrote:

> Instead of using 2i, you could do the following when saving:
> POST http://{IP}:8098/riak/users/rohman
> {"email":"rohman at mahalostudio.com (mailto:rohman at mahalostudio.com)","otherdata":"...."}
> POST http://{IP}:8098/riak/emails/rohman at mahalostudio.com (mailto:rohman at mahalostudio.com)
> {"owner":"rohman"}
> So checking if an email address exists is only a GET http://{IP}:8098/riak/emails/rohman at mahalostudio.com (mailto:rohman at mahalostudio.com) ( and you can even know who is the user owner -> rohman )
> Just you need to create a simple new bucket/key for it... but is worth the effort... not much work... no big key arrays, no loops, etc... instant response ; ) 
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