Openssl 1.0.0, riak packages, and ubuntu 11

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Andrew Musselman filed the following
bug<>in regards to Ubuntu
11 and the Riak .deb packages.   Although this issue
was filed against a specific OS and package, the problem has a larger scope
than that.   As some background and as most of you know, Erlang is packaged
along with Riak.   The erlang install that is packaged has very few
external dependencies, in fact it only really needs two shared libraries;
libc and openssl.   On all of the supported platforms that we built against
for 1.0 (except for Solaris, I will get to that), we built erlang with
shared openssl libraries, which is the default configuration.   This is all
well and good if you use the packages provided on your system as long as it
has the same major version of the library.   As some of you know, openssl
1.0.0 was released this year, and has started to make it into Linux
distributions.   At the time of Riak 1.0, Fedora 13 had openssl 1.0.0,
Centos 5.7 used 0.9.8, Ubuntu 10.04 used 0.9.8, OSX used 0.9.8, and
Opensolaris used 0.9.8.   With Ubuntu 11, the openssl shared library has
been updated to openssl 1.0.0.   If you attempt to use the .deb packages
provided at on a Ubuntu 11 system, erlang will fail to
find the openssl 0.9.8 shared libary when it attempts to use it.   If this
is currently your situation, you can install the 0.9.8 package along side
the 1.0.0 package via:

apt-get install libssl0.9.8

If you'd rather link against the ssl libraries installed on your system,
installing erlang and riak from source (instructions on the
wiki<>) will
currently be your solution.

To solve the immediate issue with Ubuntu 10 vs. 11, when 1.0.2 is released,
.deb packages will be built and released for both Ubuntu 10 and 11.

To solve this general issue moving forward, we are going to consider
statically linking and delivering openssl as a part of the packages.   We
are still considering this option, and if it happens post 1.0.2 we will
definitely make a note of it in the release notes.   As I mentioned before,
Solaris is the special case (isn't it always).   Due to bugs in the Solaris
openssl libraries, openssl has been statically linked into the Riak package
for Solaris since 1.0.0.

Hope this helps clear up any issues people have had with packaging.

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