Nodes crashes on every map reduce query

Alexandre Ravey alexandre.ravey at
Wed Nov 9 06:18:14 EST 2011


Following the Riak fast track I'm stuck at the map reduce phase.

I've tried the following with devrel 4 nodes on the same box and 4
distinct virtual boxes with riak rel, same thing appends.

Cluster is working fine, can put and get data, everything explained in
the fast track work as expected until the map reduce test.

Every time I do a map reduce, 2 or 3 nodes crash, the rest is
unresponding. Not always the sames nodes, but always result in an
unusable cluster. No nodes are responding, either crashed or not

Tried the simple map reduce and the others examples.
Also tried to switch to legacy map reduce, same thing. (using
"application:set_env(riak_kv, mapred_system, legacy)").

System is Gentoo on a 3.0.6 kernel.
512 Mb of ram for each box (60 Mb used after boot, including riak).
Erlang 14B03
Riak 1.0.1 (From source, from the download page)

Only thing changed are the node's name and IP's.

Time line:
Cluster running (since hours), all nodes OK, responding to requests.

Starting map reduce query: "curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d
(simple-map.json is taken from the fast track page and the goog data
is inside the cluster, readable by a direct get)

All nodes start hogging cpu (>80%)

riak 1 and 2 crashes, see logs attached.
riak 3 is running but not responding (cant input console) and using 100% cpu.
riak 4 segfault. (see logs too)

Still in the same state, riak 3 still at 100% CPU, other obviously
still crashed :)

See logs on pastbin:

Am-I missing something?

Thanks in advance


Alexandre Ravey

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