Troubleshoot failure to add a node?

Jonathan Langevin jlangevin at
Wed Nov 9 09:32:00 EST 2011

I'm setting up a Riak cluster, I've configured 3 fresh nodes for this
The node name per is unique (format of rdevX at 192.168.1.Y), firewall is
configured to allow traffic on 8097:8099, 6000:7999, 4369 tcp, 4369 udp

Each is configured with the same config aside from names & ips to bind to.

I've attempted a ping from riak console, comes back pang.

Any suggestions?

 Jonathan Langevin
Manager, Information Technology
Loom Inc.
Wilmington, NC: (910) 241-0433 - jlangevin at - - Skype: intel352
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