Troubleshoot failure to add a node?

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Wed Nov 9 09:53:30 EST 2011

Hi Jonathan,

Can you verify that the machines otherwise see each other? (Can you ping or
ssh between the three machines?)

Can you verify that you can use telnet to connect to the different open
ports from each machine?

If so, can you double check your usage of `riak-admin join NODENAME`? How
does it respond?

Finally, can you run `riak attach` to attach to an Erlang shell on one of
the nodes, and run *net_adm:ping('rdevX at 192.168.1.Y').* for each of the
three node names?

Hopefully that tells us where things are failing.


On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Jonathan Langevin <
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> I'm setting up a Riak cluster, I've configured 3 fresh nodes for this
> cluster.
> The node name per is unique (format of rdevX at 192.168.1.Y), firewall is
> configured to allow traffic on 8097:8099, 6000:7999, 4369 tcp, 4369 udp
> *
> Each is configured with the same config aside from names & ips to bind to.
> I've attempted a ping from riak console, comes back pang.
> Any suggestions?
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