Nodes neither leaving nor joining the cluster

Nitish Sharma sharmanitishdutt at
Wed Nov 9 11:38:24 EST 2011

I've installed riak using pre-compiled Debian binary. I setup a Riak
cluster consisting of 3 nodes (name of each node in format: riak@<ip_addr>).
The configuration file for all the nodes is same.
Just to clarify my problem, I'll be using node names as A, B, and C.
Initially, all three nodes were successfully able to form a cluster ( B and
C joined node A). To perform some tests, node A rebooted and after that its
``status" is not showing all three nodes as *ring_members.* While, running
``riak-admin status" on nodes B and C was still stating *ring_members *as
A, B, C.
Running ``riak-admin leave" on nodes B and C didnt help, since running *join
 *command again was throwing "Failed: This node is already a member of a
cluster". Force removal of nodes also didnt do any good; still the same
inconsistent ring members status.

Any suggestions ?

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