riak build process erlang version detection

Ivan Trajkovic ivan.ebiz at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 02:49:53 EST 2011

can anyone point me to section in the build files for riak where the erlang
version is being checked for?

when I build riak on my current system in my rel/riak folder both the
erts-5.9 and erts-5.8.4 folders are created, and riak is having trouble
starting after that.
the issue is that some weeks ago I build erlang R15A and installed it
globally on my Ubuntu 11.04. after that I rebuild R14B03 and installed that
globaly, but now Im guessing that R15A left some mark someplace thats being
still detected by riaks build scripts, hence the creation/usage of the
erts-5.9 folder...

on a prestene Ubuntu 11.10 linode server where I built/installed R14B03
from the start (no R15A), only the erts-5.8.4 is created, and riak works
fine and passes its own tests.

thank you

ps. this is in connection to my previous thread about having trouble
building riak on Ubuntu 11.04
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